04. Fly Duck, Fly

Fly Duck, Fly

Technical data

Photographer: Pernille Mortensen
Editor: Pernille Mortensen
Date of shooting: April 1st 2009
Camera used: Canon EOS 1000D


The purpose of this photo was to show the use of a fast shutter speed and make the wings of the duck clear even though the duck flapped its wings. The purpose was also to show depth of field by means of a big aperture and making the background blurred and the foreground sharp.

Techniques used

Using the clone stamp tool some unwanted leaves and holes in the grass were removed. The layers were converted to a smart object and a reduce noise layer and unsharp mask layer were added to remove noise and sharpen the photo.

A gradient layer with a low opacity and a soft light blending mode was added in order to give the image a warmer feeling. The colors were strengthened by increasing the saturation with a hue/saturation layer and the overall colors were made brighter and more clear with a curve adjustment layer.

Finally the image was cropped in order to place the duck a third in from the edge of the image. This gives a more interesting composition.

Original Photo

Fly Duck, Fly

Made by Pernille Mortensen