01. Lady Bird Love

Lady Bird Love

Technical data

Photographer: Pernille Mortensen
Editor: Pernille Mortensen
Date of shooting: April 3rd 2009
Camera used: Canon EOS 1000D


The purpose of this image was to make a romantic photo with two lady birds on a heart shaped leaf.

Techniques used

I have used a combination of the clone stamp tool and the healing brush tool in order to remove unwanted dots on the leaves, remove other leaves and plants in front of the 'main' leaf and make the leaf more heart shaped. A piece of the right part of the leave was copied and moved to the upper left part in order to hide an unwanted leaf.

In order to make parts of the image lighter or darker a layer with 50% grey and the blending mode overlay was applied and painted with black and white brushes. To put focus on the leaf with the lady birds the saturation was increased by adding a hue/saturation layer which is only visible on the leaf due to a layer mask. Curves were added to make the colors more vivid and clear. The image was converted to a smart object and an unsharp mask filtre was added to make the image more clear and sharp.

Finally the image was cropped so that the lady birds are a third from the left. This was done because of the rule of thirds, which says that placing the important objects a third from the edge makes the image more interesting. The leaf is still in the centre though.

Original Photo

Lady Bird Love

Made by Pernille Mortensen