02. See The World

See The World

Technical data

Photographer: vivekchugh and pagapn
Editor: Pernille Mortensen


The purpose of this image was to create a web design layout, showing the majority of the tools we had worked with in the course media production so far. The web design is not made for a specific person or company, but it could work very well for a travel blog as it has plenty of room for text and pictures.

Techniques used

The woman on the rock was cut out using the quick selection tool and a layer mask was added to hide the background. Unsharp mask was used to make the woman seem clearer. The clone stamp was used on a new layer to make the rock appear bigger than the original. It was done in a way so that the woman is placed on the rock according to the rule of thirds. A layer mask was added and a big soft brush was used on the layer mask in order to make the rock appear to fade into the background. The bevel and emboss filter was added to make an imitaion of shadows and sunlight on the rock and the woman. Finally curves were added to the foreground using a clipping mask in order to make the colors more vivid.

The rectangle tool was used to make the text area and the color was chosen by using the eye dropper tool and picking a color from the rock. The add anchor point tool and pen tool was used to change the shape of the upper part of the rectangle.

The main background was made green using the rectangular tool and the background image was added. A gradient overlay filter was added to the background image to make it look like it's fading into the green background color. Unsharp mask, hue/saturation layer and curves were used to enhanced the quality of the image.

The navigation was created using the horizontal type tool and adding a stroke effect and outer glow effect to make the text stand out. The headline was created in the same way using the same filters just with a different font and color. The color was chosen by picking a color from the woman's shirt using the eye dropper tool. Finally lorem Ipsum text and images were added to the content area. The sizes of the images are controlled by making squares using the rectangle tool and creating a clipping path on the images.

Original Photos

See The World See The World

Made by Pernille Mortensen