05. Wake Up

Wake Up

Technical data

Photographer: Pernille Mortensen
Editor: Pernille Mortensen
Date of shooting: April 4th 2009
Camera used: Canon EOS 1000D
Model: Julie Mortensen


The purpose of this image was to make an interesting photo combining several photos.

Techniques used

As I did not have a tripod the pictures were taken with a handheld camera and the auto-align layers option was used in order to place all images in the exact same place. To each image was added a layer mask and the girl was roughly cut out using a combination of the lasso tool and simple brushing on the layers. The opacity was lowered in each image so that the girl in the front is not transparent and the girls behind are gradually fading away. This effect was enhanced by gradually extracting the colors (desaturating) using hue/saturation adjustment layers. On one of the girls a gradient overlay effect was added in order to imitate a shadow.

The clone stamp tool was used to remove the tree on the wall, leaves in the grass, shadows and parts of the girl in the background.

All layers were converted into a smart object and a unsharp mask filter was added. The colors were made more vivid using a curves adjustment layer and a hue/saturation adjustment layer and finally the image was cropped to hide some of the distractions in the background and put more focus on the girl(s).

Original Photos

Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up

Made by Pernille Mortensen