07. Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Technical data

Photographer: Pernille Mortensen
Editor: Pernille Mortensen
Date of shooting: April 2nd 2009
Camera used: Canon EOS 1000D


The purpose of this image was to show product photography and a picture taken with a fast shutter speed and then combining the two photos to make it look like the water is coming out of the bottle.

Techniques used

The bottle and its shadow were cut out using the magic wand and refine edge options and the background was hidden by adding a layer mask. A rectangle with a gradient overlay effect was made with the rectangle tool and used as the background. In order to make it blend nicely into the original bottom background a layer mask with a gradient was added. The clone stamp tool was used to hide the edge of the water in the bottle.

The water was cut out roughly using the magic wand selection tool and a layer mask was used to hide the background. The brush tool was used to correct what the selection tool did not manage. An outer glow effect was added to the water to make it stand out and look more 'magic'. The colors of the water were desaturated by a hue/saturation adjustment layer and a curve adjustment layer was added to change the contrasts. Both adjustment layers are only visible on the water due to a clipping mask.

All layers were converted to a smart object and an unsharp mask filter was applied. Finally a curve adjustment layer was applied to make the colors more vivid.

Original Photos

Water Bottle Water Bottle

Made by Pernille Mortensen