09. Water Flower

Water Flower

Technical data

Photographer: Pernille Mortensen, Capgros
Editor: Pernille Mortensen
Date of shooting: March 15th 2009
Camera used: Kodak easyshare M883 zoom digital camera


The purpose of this image was to make a colorful and almost surreal image with the use of nature pictures.

Techniques used

The flower was cut out using the quick selection tool and the background was hidden by adding a layer mask. The flower was made into a smart object and a reduce noise filter and unsharp mask filter was added to enhance the quality. A black outer glow effect was added to imitate shadows. A curve adjustment layer was added as a clipping mask to make the colors of the flower more clear and vivid.

On the grass photo the clone stamp tool was used to remove uneven parts. The grass picture was converted into a smart object and a radial blur filter was applied to add focus to the flower's position. A radial gradient was added to the filter in order to hide the filter effect in the centre of the flower. A curve adjustment layer was added as a clipping mask to enhance the colors of the grass.

Finally a hue/saturation adjustment layer was applied to increase the saturation of the image.

Original Photos

Water Flower Water Flower

Made by Pernille Mortensen